Turnbull Associates will meet and discuss how you envision the next stage of your company will go. Do you wish to remain a partner, board member or slowly exit ensuring you get a return on your investment over a period or on a closing sale?

Performing a confidential overview of your company from an outside viewpoint to access the operating systems as they would be viewed by an incoming potential partner or buyer. Starting by mapping a path to plan and organize your business for a smooth transition from the current management structure to finding the right fit.

We work with you to examine the most viable approach to ensure a seamless transition between your business and your clients.

The above is completed confidentially as it is imperative not to disrupt the operation of the company and to maintain employee confidence through the transition.

With a complete overview, we can now research appropriate businesses and or investors through our network of accountants and lawyers to confidentially introduce the business opportunity without disclosing the identity until a potential match is found and a physical introduction may be made.