In a timeline where we have an aging population who are business owners that thought their children would assume the ownership and follow in the family footsteps and owners that didn’t have children or employees willing or capable to carry on a viable business.

These circumstances have left owners without a means to carry on but the need for retirement cash or a continuing income through investment.

These viable businesses need knowledgeable active owners willing to take the reigns.

The benefits of purchasing a established business is not having to build a business from ground floor, entering into a “Succession Plan”, this means the current owner will stay on for a defined period of time to ensure the new owner meets the customer base to maintain the confidence of the client base and to retain the employees. (As we know employee rumours start and the fear of a new owner, caution of changes) Need to retain these people by ensuring them that they are needed and their input is respected.

Turnbull Associates will help to ensure a business fit, an affordable buy in and a long-term plan to grow the business in a direction the new owner envisions.

Current Opportunities

Toronto (**This opportunity has been SOLD**)
Custom Woodworking Plant: 30-year-old company with a strong commercial customer base, building store display cabinets, check out counters, restaurant booths, condo security reception counters and anything feasibly possible.
The staff includes a receptionist, a marketing person, a designer, a plant foreman and 5 machine operators and assemblers.

MID Ontario
HAVAC Company (SOLD)

Established in 1977, Annual Sales $750,000. Asking $150,000.00 plus inventory and company assets with terms available to qualified individual or company.

Incorporated in 2010. Services mid Ontario with company receptionist 3 licenced HAVC technicians including the owner and a part time technician to assist in times of overflow work.

Owner willing to assist in transition to ensure client retention and continued revenue stream.
Opportunity to leave the commute, city traffic and work at a controlled pace with fresh air to breathe and a balanced lifestyle.